Travel LPN Jobs

What are Travel LPN Jobs?

Travel LPN jobs are temporary positions in hospitals or other healthcare facilities in a location other than where the licensed practical nurse lives.  Because salaries are paid Per DiemTravel LPN Jobs, the salary is usually higher than a traditional full-time LPN nurse. With the increasing nursing shortage, many hospitals and other employers of LPNs are trying to fill their open nursing jobs with a combination of permanent and temporary employment opportunities.  The temporary positions have become very attractive to LPNs who wish to live and work somewhere new – so attractive, in fact, that several agencies have cropped up around the country for the specific purpose of placing LPNs, RNs and other healthcare professionals in these temporary positions.  Most travel assignments last 13 weeks, though it is possible to find both longer and shorter assignments.

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Why do People Choose Travel LPN Jobs?

As with any sector of the nursing profession, there are a variety of reasons why someone may choose Travel LPN Jobs.  In some cases the pay can be higher, which is certainly a draw,
particularly if housing is provided, and depending upon the agency you work for, other benefits can also be available.  Others are looking for more varied experience by working in several different facilities and different kinds of patients.  Some people just want the opportunity to see new places without having to sacrifice precious income.  Whatever your reason for choosing travel LPN jobs, your motivating factor will help determine which job is best for you.

Some Top States Where Travel LPN Jobs are Plentiful

What is the Role of the Staffing Agency in Travel LPN Jobs?

Employers seeking temporary employees will often contract with a travel nursing agency.  Some of these agencies then simply hire qualified nurses and then match them up with appropriate assignments.  Other agencies allow the hospitals or other facilities to interview and select their nurses. All agencies offer some level of assistance with some or all of the following: travel, housing, health insurance, local transportation and food.

Most travel agencies require that a significant amount of paperwork be completed.  This usually includes an application, as well as copies of an up-to-date resume, social security card, driver’s license or other ID, current LPN license, references, and immunizations.  Most will also have you complete a skills checklist, and some information regarding your preferences for location and facility type.

How to Choose the Right Travel LPN Jobs Staffing Agency

Before choosing any travel nurse agency, you need to make sure that it works with LPNs.  Not all do, so find that out before you go to the work of applying and researching the agency. From there, knowing which agency to work with will depend largely on your reasons for seeking out travel LPN jobs, as well as your specific needs for housing, insurance, and transportation.  Many agencies maintain private, furnished housing in all of their travel locations, provided for free to their travel nurses.  If you already have a place to stay, or want to arrange for your own housing, make sure that the agency has the option of a housing stipend.  The same thing goes for travel.  In most cases, agencies will simply have a standard maximum reimbursable amount for either air or car travel to each travel location.  However, some may arrange travel for you.

You also want to consider your needs for transportation at each assignment.  If you plan to drive to your assignment, then you will have your own car and local transportation will not be an issue.  If, on the other hand, you will fly, then you want to know whether or not the agency will provide you with a rental car, or with assistance with public transportation.

Some agencies also offer a tax advantage program, in which they provide living stipends, housing stipends or free housing, and other amenities, all tax free.  To qualify for this program, you must maintain a permanent residence elsewhere.

Finally, you will want to decide what kind of agency you want to work with.  If you want steady employment and benefits, then you will want to choose the agency that hires you directly and then places you at their contracted facilities around the country.  If you would rather have more say in where and with whom you work, then you will want to choose the agency that arranges interviews for you; keep in mind, however, that there may not be guaranteed employment with this type of agency.

Are Travel LPN Jobs Right For You?

Before you decide to apply for travel LPN jobs, consider whether it is the right job for you.  If you struggle with transitions, require a strong network of friends and family close by, or prefer working in the same place for long periods of time, then travel LPN jobs will probably not work for you.  If you are an ambitious LPN looking to become a registered nurse, RN jobs for travelers are also very plentiful. As an LPN you can earn your RN online while enjoying your travel LPN nursing jobs.

On the other hand, if you enjoying seeing diverse parts of the United States, thrive on change, and make friends quickly, then travel LPN jobs may be the perfect new way to challenge you and increase your experience.

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