Nursing School Net Price Calculators

nursing school net price calculator

Nursing school is expensive, no doubt about it. How much is it really? To give you the real-world cost of attending an RN or BSN degree. The United States Department of Education now requires every college and university to show prospective students the real costs of earning a degree. We think this is a great step toward transparency and full disclosure. In fact, we like it so much that we put together our list of direct links to each net-price calculator of every accredited RN and BSN degree program in the United States. Find your school in the list of 1,026 RN Programs and 812 BSN programs. Browse our index or net-price calculators below or use the RN School Search and follow the net-price calculator links in the school details. To learn more about how to pay for nursing school, read our in-depth article on 11 Ways for How to Pay for Nursing School.