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LPN Guide to RN and BSN Degree Success

Chapter 1: Nine Tips for Successful Nursing Program Application & Graduation

Research Based Tips for Successful Nursing Program Application & Graduation Every semester, future nurses face one question as they fill out applications: what…
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Chapter 2: LPN to RN Online Program Typical Costs

LPN to RN Online Program Tuition Many LPNs want to know how much getting their RN license online will cost. Information on the…

Chapter 3: Financial Aid Guide for LPN to RN Programs

LPN to RN Scholarship Resources There are a lot of online scholarship resources for nurses. Just searching for the term “nursing program scholarship”…

Chapter 4: Surviving LPN to BSN Online Programs

Supplies for an LPN to BSN Online Bridge Program It may seem like an LPN to BSN online program would require different supplies…

Chapter 5: Getting Licensed After an LPN to BSN Program

Preparing for the NCLEX After LPN to BSN Programs Graduation Waiting to take the NCLEX can be nerve wracking, especially if this is…