Flexibility of the Licensed Practical Nursing Career

Many opportunities on how you can practice your profession like the other licensed practical nurses. You can choose from any of the satisfying careers, which may actually complement with your qualities as a nurse as well as the things that draw your attention the most.

Choose specialization for nurses

It is not necessary for you to choose the field you want to dedicate yourself to during the time when you are just about to start attending the training program for LPNs. However, it will become advantageous if you already have an idea of what you would like to be in the future.

Common settings for nurses

A Licensed practical nursing career is most commonly seen in a hospital setting. Hospital departments that are in need of LPNs are the following: operating room, emergency room, maternity, and more.

When you become a full-fledged licensed practical nurse, you are mostly likely to gain the height of your career in the hospital. It is because more sophisticated nursing tasks are assigned to LPNs in hospitals compared to other related areas.

But then, it has been anticipated by many experts that the jobs that may be offered to licensed practical nurses in the future may lessen because most of the medical processes are done in clinics and on outpatient basis.

Nurses Caring for Elderly

Lots of aged individuals possess functional disabilities and they are in need of assistance from competent people. In addition, most of the elderly choose to stay at home rather than in a facility that cares for the elderly.

It is witnessed that there is a growing opportunity for licensed practical nurses in home health care services that focus on caring for the elderly. Technology is also at its best as of the present time that is why more health problems are dealt with even in small clinics. Hence, the popularity of home health care grows through the passing years.

As an LPN, you may choose to work in the home of patients but you must be capable of working alone without the help of other health care professionals. Your task involves giving direct nursing care to your elderly patients. You should also assist them while they are recuperating from their illnesses.

Your job does not end on just providing bedside care for you elderly patients because you must also have the ability to carefully evaluate the home environment of your patient. As a nurse, your concern extends to the patient’s whole family. You must be able share necessary health knowledge specifically about how they can care for the older individual.

Continuing Care

You may easily find jobs in certain nursing care facilities that cater to the aged people, the disabled, as well as those who are in need of continuing care. The clients that are admitted in these kinds of facilities are mostly those who were previously discharged from hospitals but still require more time to recover.

You must possess a high level of administrative skills when you apply as a nurse in this kind of setting. Additionally, this set-up requires nurses to have excellent assessment skills in order for them to create an appropriate treatment plan that conforms to what has been assessed on the patient. Most importantly, you must take your training program seriously to be armed with sufficient knowledge about the basic nursing duties that are required by the nursing care facilities.

Clinics as another alternative a Licensed Practical Nursing Career

Certain medical procedures are done in doctors’ clinics. LPNs are needed to assist during these kinds of procedures. Your duties in this setting include the following: injecting medications, collecting data regarding patients’ medical history, aiding in examinations, and drawing blood. There are times when minor surgeries are done in clinics as well and it is part of your duty to assist in this procedure. Hence, like other nurses, you are also expected to be of great assistance to physicians who perform surgeries on outpatient basis.