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BSN Program Rankings

BSN Program Rankings

Nursing School Rankings - 2015 For our 2015 online nursing school rankings, we've compiled the latest rankings from the most respected school rank publishers. Additionally,…
nursing school net price calculator

Nursing School Net Price Calculators

Nursing school is expensive, no doubt about it. How much is it really? To give you the real-world cost of attending an RN or BSN…

More LPN Jobs Than Monster & CareerBuilder Combined

Find more LPN and LVN jobs than Monster and CareerBuilder combined, right here on LPNBSN.net

LPN to BSN - No Wait List

Start Immediately. RNs earn $24,500 more than LPNs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). LPN to RN in as few as 12 to 18 Months

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LPN to BSN Guide

Read our guide to learn all you need to know about earning your RN or BSN Degree. A Guide to Earning Your ADN or BSN

BSN Nurse Taking with ER Patient

Chapter 1: LPN to BSN: Looking Ahead

Many nurses begin their careers as an LPN. They then work towards a BSN to increase their salary and gain access to other…
LPN to RN helping sick patient

Chapter 2: LPN to RN: A Comprehensive Outlook

Many nurses begin their careers as an LPN. It takes less time to finish the required education. This makes it easier for nurses…
Lpn To Rn Program Student Talking With Doctor

Chapter 3: LPN to RN Programs

LPNs seeking a faster advancement option often choose an LPN to RN program. These take less time than BSN programs. Students will be…
Nurse in LPN to BSN program helping patient

Chapter 4: LPN to BSN Programs

There is not a single set path for LPNs seeking a BSN. LPN to BSN programs are designed to help meet the needs…

Feature – 11 Ways to Pay for Nursing School

There is no denying that paying for college can be expensive. However, not following your career goals can be even more expensive. If you earn a bachelor's degree, you can expect that your lifetime earnings to be one million dollars more than someone who holds a high school diploma or GED. Whether you attend college part-time or full-time, at a two-year or four-year degree program, or even at a short-term certificate program, you will need to figure out how to pay for your education.


how-to-pay-for-nursing-schoolHow to Pay for Nursing School

Generally, you can keep the cost of higher education lower by attending a public, state supported, college or university rather than a private school. No matter where you end up attending nursing school, you can get a quality education form a public four-year college or universities, a two-year community college, or a private vocational or certificate program. Public and private institutions offer everything from a CNA certificate to a Master's level nursing degree. Fortunately, wherever you decide to prepare for your career in nursing, chances are very good that financial aid will be available to you. However, bear in mind that by attending a fully accredited institution you will enjoy the broadest spectrum of financial aid opportunities available to you. Read More >>>

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